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By: mattcdsa | June 27, 2016

Hello! We are a week away now and there’s a lot of things ready for you to have a lot of fun. The course is playing nicely and conditions aren’t as bad as they could be, considering it’s a ski mountain. The course map is coming. The layout is changed since the 2014 COLO State Championships, but is similar.It is a ski mountain and somewhat steep. So we can provide a ride up, to only those who really need it.
Sunlight has horses and cows on it’s land during the summer. So there are fences all over the course, which change every year. We are going to bungie cord together and mark crossing points for you players. But you will have to cross over fencing a few times throughout the course. It is a NON Barbed, smooth wire fence.
There are wild roses all over the course, so please be careful as they are prickly. 

Bugs are bad this year up there so please bring bug spray, in addition to your sunscreen. I will also have extra cans of bug spray at tournament central.
Simple course rules: No dogs, No Mando’s, No 2 meter rule. Only OB (out of Bounds) is the front of the tent in front of the resort and the front of the condos. These will be flagged.
All Playoffs for first place will be sudden death on holes 2, 3, 18, 2, 3, 18, 2, 3, 18.
Water will be available at tournament central/bottom of hill at resort, as well as in the middle of the course.
There was a majority “No” vote for the professionals getting paid with PayPal instead of a personal check. So all pro’s who cash, will be paid with a personal check.
Not many players took advantage of the lodging discounts. I worked deal at both the Sunlight Lodge B&B as well as the Brettleberg Condos. Hopefully next year people will show Sunlight that we like to stay there on site. The more support we discourse show them, the more they will provide for us on their property.
We worked a deal with Sunlight to keep the bar open later than they wanted. It is now going to be open from 12p-7p on Saturday and 11a-6p on Sunday. PLEASE purchase a beer or two from them for $5 to help show support. After the resort bar closes, the Sunlight Lodge B&B has a bar that will be open later than 7pm.
Along that line, Sunlight Mountain Resort is going to sell food for us after Saturday’s round only. All 100 players can buy a burger, dog or brat for $10 and will receive a free beer voucher. Please take advantage of this deal. Beer will be for sale for $5 throughout the weekend.
Here is a list of the parking lot campers who have contacted me. These people should plan on paying me $10 when they check in on Saturday morning andI will give them a pass to put in their windshield. If you are planning on camping in the parking lot, please let me know. It is $10 for the whole weekend.

Rolf Hebenstreit / Nan Powell

Matthew Kelly

Carl Klein -2 cars

Celina Van Riper / Nicole Fischer

Since there are only 4 camping, I did not rent a port-a-let. There are 4 bathrooms at the resort for us, which are just up the steps from the parking lot.
Here is a list of those professionals who choose to pay for a players pack. If you are a pro and would like to purchase the custom shirt, disc and Conrad Meyer photo, please let me know BEFORE the event. The cost is $25 for a players pack and I will be emailing these pro’s as an added reminder.

Nate Kischer

Navtej Chahal

RJ Montano

Carla Akers

Brian Maynard

Ray Woodruff
Please bring extra cash for the extra fun events, Ace Pool, beer, as well as disc and shirt sales. 
The Extra fun events will be available to play all weekend, after the first round starts. You pay me for your entry and you will receive a scorecard. Those who registered online will receive their scorecards when they check-in on Saturday morning.
The Extra Fun Events, Putting Competition, Mini Golf, Throw Down the Mountain Accuracy, Glow Round, will have Women’s, Amateur and Pro divisions. You get one round per entry for each event. You can enter any many events, as many times as you like throughout the weekend. We will only count your best score, no matter how many entries/ cards you turn in. Keep in mind, half of the entry fee’s for these events go to charity.
I will have extra Nite Ize LED discs for sale as well as KC Pro Glow Roc’s and colored glow Katanas, all for $15 each. The Nite Ize LED’s are a steal at that price as they retail for $24. I will also have a couple extra shirts available for sale, again for $15 each. I can/will also accept PayPal for all disc/shirt sales and anything players owe me. However there isn’t very good cell service up there.
You will also receive a flashlight when you register for the Glow round as an added safety measure.
Those who registered online for the Glow Round will have the opportunity to exchange the mid-range I bought for you, for a driver or putter if you like. There are only a couple extras of these so online registrants for Glow will have first opportunity to exchange. Those extra drivers or putters will be available for sale if people want, instead of the mid-range LED discs I purchased for the Glow Round.
I was able to work it so that everyone, including pro’s gets a mini driver. That way, you have no excuse not to play the mini golf course.
I will not be playing in the sanctioned tournament and will be the Certified Official for that part of the tournament. I will probably play in the extra fun events however.
Please feel free to contact me with any questions.
Thank you very much,

Matt James

Tournament Director

Solstice Soiree hosted by Sunlight Mountain Resort


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