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By: mattcdsa | March 15, 2016

Originally Posted by Matt James on February 28, 2010 at 5:12pm

2009 Year-End CDSA Board Meeting Minutes

Took place January 31, 2010

People Attended: Matt James, Mike Livingston, Ronnie Ross, John Bird, Jeff Tori

Current Status of CDSA:

1) We've finally gotten the old membership list from Sk8 so I can mail out all 2009 Award tags

2) Matt James built the new website. It’s 90% done and he's still working on it. Membership PayPal links are working. See more info on #12 below.

3) We’re going to write a nice letter and try to collect sanctioning fee’s from all 2009 TAT events that never paid.

4) Going to get new emails for board member’s as the old ones are no longer. All new CDSA emails for board members will be MattCDSA@gmail.comArial"">,

5) We confirmed what it takes for us to maintain non-profit status legally through State of Colorado as well as the IRS.

6) We confirmed all of our operating expenses and bank account status.

7) We decided that we will be selling all of our old CDSA merchandise through Ronnie Ross’s Black Ace Disc Company.

CDSA Board Member Status:

8) We have lost a couple of board members this past year and will be reviewing the CDSA By-Laws to confirm if we have to replace those people and/or delete those positions. Until the by-laws are checked, we will not be accepting board member volunteers. However we’ll let you know when/if we will be filling board member positions.

2010 Thin Air Tour

9) The Thin Air Tour is still being decided at this point. Not all of the tournaments are confirmed with the PDGA yet. We will let you know what tournaments are going to be the 2010 Thin Air Tour as soon as possible.

10) We will be revising the CDSA Sanctioning agreement. Right now it’s 4 pages long and we will be consolidating it to be a more friendly document.

11) Matt James will be running all Membership duties this year. It will be much more organized and you can expect to actually get your membership card and champions mini very soon after you join or renew your CDSA membership.

12) We have a new website that is much more user friendly with contemporary features to be the communication hub for all things disc in Colorado. We have a group for each local club in the state, for easier communication with everyone else. Users can add news/events/blogs, photos, videos and event Tweet directly from their users page. In addition, we have RSS feeds from PDGA and each clubs’ external


13) We have a new ColoradoDisc Twitter account. We’ll be tweeting about events, news and possibly live tweets of tournament results as it happens this year.

14) We’ll be revising the CDSA brochure for this year and also will continue to have CDSA Brochures in all Players packs for all Thin Air Tour events.

15) Matt James, the CDSA President will be going around the state in 2010 to form personal relationships will all the local clubs in the state.

16) We will be sending out official press releases for all Thin Air Tour events to local TV stations and all news outlets for areas around Thin Air Tour events.

17) We have been trying for a couple years to have the CDSA Board be made up of representatives from each local club in the state. This might become reality after Matt goes and forms a relationship with each club throughout this year.

18) We are going to be submitting an advertisement about the CDSA in the Wright Life catalog.

19) We will be having a new CDSA Awards Party/ Skins Tournament. This will be rotating locations throughout the state. This will be for CDSA Members only and the skins pot will be 33% of all CDSA membership dollars from that year. We’ll also be doing all the CDSA Awards at the same event.

20) Starting this year, we will be trying to get a high-value prizes for Thin Air Tour awards, instead of the award tags. In addition, we will be making more Thin Air Tour Awards; Most Valuable Player, Best TD Helper, Most Improved and also a Lifetime Achievement Award. The Lifetime Achievement award will be a selection of 3 people which people will vote for and will become highly acclaimed award to get.

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