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By: mattcdsa | March 15, 2016

Originally Posted by Matt James on June 10, 2010 at 11:44pm

I have finished the 2010 CDSA Highlights Document. This is what I'm hoping people will learn, concerning everything we're doing to revive the CDSA this year. We have had some pretty popular members throughout our history including Steady Ed Headrick, Rick Rothstein and Johnny Roberts. I'm really grateful that we have continuing support from early members like member#1 Geoff Hungerford, #2 Mike Livingston and #4 Joe Bernard! I believe that the sport of disc golf needs an umbrella organization like the CDSA. It's a non-profit organization that does everything for it's members and the sport in Colorado, with nothing in return but the joy of supporting the sport. I'm committed and willing to help steer it along as it evolves into an organization that not only supports, enhances and promotes the sport but hopefully educates and benefits all players and non playing public. I could see the day where lot's of kids around the state are playing disc golf in school for gym class, or a program where inner city kids could take a CDSA Sponsored trip to the mountains to play disc golf. Plus the obvious exercise benefits of disc golf could help solve the overweight problem in the country.

Please feel free to print it out and use it to talk about the CDSA to your friends. The more members we have, the bigger the support and prizes we can provide to everyone!

Thanks a lot for your time and consideration,
Matt James
CDSA President

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