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By: mattcdsa | April 18, 2016

Originally Posted by Matt James on April 23, 2011 at 11:00pm 

Here are some highlights from this document and meeting:

- TEAMS competition on Thin Air Tour

- CDSA gave $100 to RM Women's Dic Golf Championships tournament

- Basket Donation ACCEPTED for brand new Outback course in Greeley, CO.

- At least 60% of membership fee's will be given back as awards, more if we can. The more members we have, the better the sport is for everyone!



2011 CDSA Spring Board Meeting Minutes


Meeting took place Sunday, March 27, 2010.

In attendance were Matt James, Jeff Tori and John Bird.


1) We reviewed the 2010 finances for the CDSA. Let me know if you would like to see a copy.


2) We discussed what Matt has rolling already for 2011, up to the meeting time.

-Champion Minis are designed and ordered

-Calendar of 2011 Events on CDSA Website

-Registered Domain Name for 2 years

-2011 Membership PayPal Button updated

-Bank Account Signature Authority on main account with web access

-Additional Bank Account Signature Authority for Columbine Memorial Fund

-Twitter setup for instant Tweet from CDSA website, smart-phones or Twitter website. -22 Followers 3/27/11 - *** 28 followers as of today 4/23/11

-CDSA Yearly and Weekly To-Do Lists made

-Press Release for Grateful Disc Festival made and sent

-Sanctioning Agreement revised and sent to potential Thin Air Tour TD’s

-New things we’re offering to TAT TD’s- Online Registration through our website with Paypal, 10'x10' Tent, Leaderboard, Banners, Press Releases, Twitter announcements

-Working on a new CDSA Banner with website, email and twitter addresses


3) We decided to add a teams component to the Thin Air Tour. Please see the separate blog about Teams on the Thin Air Tour. Basically, 2 pro’s and 2 am’s compete as a team in all Thin Air Tour events. Team Captains determine who in the roster of 12 players per team, should play which individual round(s). Winners will be based on total scores. So if the 2 pro’s shoot a total -8 under par between both of them and the 2 am’s shoot +8 over par between both of them, than the team gets a 0 even par for that round.


4) We decided to cancel the 9 Hole Challenge series, because of lack of interest. I really appreciate the 9 people we did have come out last year as it was fun. Maybe next year we can revive this series, when we have more people involved in helping run the CDSA and extra events like that.


5) We talked about starting Colorado state tags. Decided that possibly in the future, again when there is more interest. Tags are major income for local clubs, so it would take a lot of cooperation and solidarity for all the clubs in the state to all have one series of state tags.


6) 2012 is our 20th anniversary and Matt really wants to have a special disc print made for fund raising. We decided it’s a good idea, but need to wait and see how many memberships we get this year, to see if we can afford to pay someone for a nice design.


7) We all agreed that the 2011 Basket Donation fund money should go to the brand new course in Greeley, CO. Called the Outback, it is being designed by the 3 Rivers club and was recently approved by the official Greeley government channels.


8) We were trying to determine how to use our money this year. Instead of backing ourselves into a corner with specific potions, we are just going to say that at least 60% of membership income will go towards awards. If we have a lot of memberships and money coming in, we will give out more.


9) We discussed what to do with the Columbine Memorial Fund, if anything. John Bird said that it really is Kurt Lampkin’s money and that we should have him decide what to do with it. We agreed that the CDSA shouldn’t touch that fund and urge Kurt to do something with the money.


10) CDSA Volunteers Needed:

-Artist (Needed once or twice a year) 20th Anniversary Disc, new banner

-Event Coordinator (Needed a lot throughout year) -9HC Series tournament director / organizer, Organize CDSA representation for all Thin Air Tour Events

-Event Helpers (Needed at each event)- Hang Banners, give out Brochures, Twitter Reporter


11) Matt is going to be looking at our by-laws to figure out exactly what board members we need. He expressed at the meeting that it’s better to have people who want to help and gladly volunteer their time, rather than just filling a position with a body so that we have a complete board as required by what’s written on paper.


12) We agreed that we need to advertise a little more.

- Maybe get links on all the local clubs websites

- Need to make events a little easier to search on the CDSA homepage.

- Get the word out that local clubs can use our website for their web presence if they want. Each club can have their own email, forums, blogs, photos’/video’s, RSS feeds, Twitter and Facebook integration. We’re paying for our website to support the state.

- Maybe work on a CDSA or Thin Air Tour advertisement for the Wright Life catalog and/or PDGA magazine.


13) We agreed that we would all like to donate money to the state championships as we have done in the past, but we need to find out if we can afford it. The more members we have, the better the sport is for everyone!


14) Matt really wants to support the very first women’s only tournament. So we agreed to donate $100 to the Rocky Mountain Women’s Disc Golf Championships on June 11. I had Jeff write the check right there and gave it John Bird, to give to the TD directly.

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