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By: mattcdsa | March 15, 2016

Originally Posted by Matt James on March 14, 2011 at 5:18pm

Well the ball is rolling with full steam. I have gotten our 2010 champions mini's ordered, setup the 2011 PayPal memberships button and added 99% percent of all the disc events into our calendar. There are only a couple more events to add, once I confirm their specifics. I've reworked the CDSA Thin Air Tour Sanctioning Agreement and am working on the 2011 Press Release so I can get it out for Grateful Disc, now a little more than a month away.


I've gotten our bank accounts in order and have almost complete reviving the old Columbine Memorial Fund. I don't think we should do anything with that money right now, at least I don't have any idea's for it. I just wanted to make sure it is  open and available if we want it.


This is a going to be a busy year. As of now, there is only a couple of days that don't have an event scheduled. So basically, there is a disc event every single weekend from March to November!!! Great work to those TD"s who are stepping up to make it all happen.


Next year, 2012 is the CDSA's 20th anniversary! I'm planning some big events, possibly starting statewide tags instead of all these multiple local tags and a special 20th anniversary disc.


Let's all help to make this year a great one!

Matt James

CDSA President

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