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By: mattcdsa | April 18, 2016

Originally Posted by Brian Stevenson on May 12, 2011 at 10:55am in Colorado Courses Discussion Forum

Hello all,


Long time listener, first time poster.......


I moved to Colorado with my wife last spring to Castle Rock and bought our first house.  While we were looking for a place to buy we found out that there wasa discgolf course only a few miles away from us here in Castle rock called Matney Park.


We played in our first tournaments over last summer here in colorado and love the community of disc golfers out there.  This discussion is looking for help, advice, warnings, etc..... pertaining to the adoption of a disc golf course.


We've played this course a ton and actually it's really nice for an open style course.  There are definitely things that need improving and worked on.  I've contacted the department of parks and recreation that oversees the park and they are really excited to have some one to help improve the park and course. 


My ideas include the addition of benches, better signage, tee pad improvement, and the addition of more trees and plant life to add more difficulty to the course.  I'd like to add more OB areas like Bird's nest has and other things. 


I'm looking for help and advice for things like hole sponsorships, people to contact, organizing clean up days, consulting for possible course redesign and alternate hole placements, and possible "intro to disc golf" clinics and tournaments that we could do to get the community surrounding it interrested in the sport.  The course is almost always empty and for people to care about it, there need to be more people using it.


PLease post here or Email me with your thoughts.  I also want to know what you all have thought if you've played the course and what you would do to improve it. 


Thanks a lot, I love this disc community and look forward to helping to create another great disc golf destination


Anyone living in the castle rock area can call me for a game almost any afternoon, I'd love to find a buddy to play a round with up here.


Brian and Deanna Stevenson

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Permalink Reply by Dylan Goss on February 10, 2012 at 7:02pm
Hey guys, how's it going. I love the idea of this and think its great. All the things you've said sound great and I would love to get out there and lend a hand to make the Matney course a bit better. I have a few buddys who live close to matney and would also love to help. keep in touch and I can't wait to get this thing rolling.

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