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By: mattcdsa | April 18, 2016

Originally Posted by Matt James on April 1, 2011 at 9:30pm

Some of you may have noticed some stakes and painting on the ground at the Badlands South / Lighthouse course. Well the fact is, the South Suburban Parks Department has purchased the old boat storage/Lighthouse building area. They will be using the existing road, where the picnic table now sits by tee 1. The course had to change because they are going to have to take out existing holes 2 and 3. There will be a pond constructed where the bowl of hole 3 is now.


So a couple weeks ago Ronnie Ross, Mike and Alissa Dunn, myself and two representatives from South Suburban Parks Department went and decided what the new holes should be. All of these new changes will probably happen in the next month or two. We decided that the only really logical space left in that park was down by the creek. So we adjusted a couple existing holes and added 2 new holes, to replace the 2 that are coming out. Then a week or so ago, Ronnie and  I went out and painted the ground and put up stakes for all the new placements as well as measured the new hole lengths.


Basically the only changes are in the first 7 holes. Everything from hole 8 through 18 are the same, except for an addition pin placement for hole 18. Some might think the new holes are short, but they are actually challenging and don't interfere with other holes. We came up with the best mix of fun and safety for everyone. Here are four PDF images describing the changes that you can download. Two in high resolution that can be really zoomed into, and two lower resolution versions, both with and without text.



Here are the new hole lengths.

New Hole 1A: 416 ft

New Hole 1B: 308 ft

New Hole 2A (old 4): 400 ft

New Hole 2B (old 4): 325 ft

New Hole 3A (old 5): 386 ft

New Hole 3B (old 5): 300 ft

New Hole 4A (old 6): 275 ft

New Hole 4B (old 6): 270 ft

New Hole 5A: 280 ft

New Hole 5B: 200 ft

New Hole 6A (old 7): 300 ft

New Hole 6b (old 7): 240 ft

New Hole 7A: 255 ft

New Hole 7B: 225 ft

New Hole 18 Alt: 287


These lengths might change a little bit, depending on the accuracy of our painting/staking and the actual construction of the pins and tees. Please feel free to  leave comments below.



Matt James

CDSA President

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