Colorado Disc Sports Association
Supporting, Enhancing and Promoting Disc Sports in Colorado Since 1992.

The CDSA started as a simple mailing list of frisbee people in 1992. Eventually a newsletter and the Thin Air Tour points series was established and ran for many years. Back then you got very excited to receive the CDSA newsletter in the mail as it contained all the tournament registration forms which you filled out and then mailed in with your check, hoping the postal service would get your it to the TD's mailbox before everyone else.

In 2013 we found out that we had lost our IRS 501c4 non-profit status and therefor stopped all memberships, Thin Air Tour, NC9HC and all other financial concerns. Since then there's been a constant flow of promotion through this website, Facebook and Twitter as well as a lot of brainstorming.

Our first new goal is to create a board of directors consisting of members from all corners and regions of the state. It should be an organization that benefits and supports all Colorado frisbee enthusiasts. We will detail more further but here is where we think we should go and what we've been working on.

Membership and donation supported non-profit organization with a frisbee education and preservation focus. Like hosting clinics before tournaments and supporting E.D.G.E in more Colorado schools, as well as a long term goal of establishing a Colorado Frisbee Museum or Hall of Fame.

Basket grants
Course Signage grants
Give-A-Disc program for beginners, or clinic takers to get a disc for free
Frisbee information portal: statistics, clubs, courses, events, parks & rec, media info
Public face and booth at conventions and conferences

Professional Clinic Grants
Disc programs in schools like E.D.G.E.
Colorado Frisbee Museum or Hall of Fame or both
CO State Championships Tournament Bidding Process
Annual Disc Golf Open House Event on National Disc Golf Day: demos, clinics, vendor booths, pro/am competition with local celebrities and media, also other frisbee demos like ultimate and freestyle

Press releases for frisbee events
Website, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram
Data, statistics and analytics for players, media, public,
Monthly/Quarterly media reports: club, tournament, stat highlights

These options and ides and are open to suggestion. Feel free to reach out if your are interested in helping rebuild this organization using the Contact Us form on the right or submit your own ideas for our future on our Facebook page. The Events button links above are current for 2019. Also check out the recent accomplishments on the right and Blogs button above. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter with the social buttons above.