Colorado Disc Sports Association
Supporting, Enhancing and Promoting Disc Sports in Colorado Since 1992.

Since 1992, the CDSA has been a member supported, volunteer non-profit organization focused on supporting, enhancing and promoting disc sports throughout Colorado. We have operated the Thin Air Tour points series for our members, ran a Basket Donation program and worked to make the sport better for everyone. Over the last 10 years or so there has been amazing growth of local clubs and technology advancements that have replaced some of the necessities and responsibilities of the CDSA. In the past few years Matt James, the current CDSA President, has been working to re-invigorate and evolve the CDSA into a more supportive umbrella organization for the sport and local clubs throughout the state.

Unfortunately, we recently found out that our non-profit status has changed. So we've decided to not have any monies transferred in terms of memberships, donations or the running the Thin Air Tour. This was not an easy decision and we apologize for not continuing the CDSA Thin Air Tour or memberships for 2013. However, last year we started to get traction in the regional media and because of that we are going to continue to send out a few press releases this year to keep our name out there in the public eye. We will also continue to promote all disc events on our website, Twitter and Facebook pages.

Now, we are planning to reorganize and reform the CDSA with new focus for the future. We will work to be more focused on education programs including more EDGE involvement and developing school programs and clinics for the general public, women and children as well as touring players. We will focus our supportive work with more course and player safety for the exploding sport, continue to provide and grow a resource library for disc golf and frisbee information for parks/rec departments, the general public and regular players. We will continue our promotion efforts with monthly/quarterly newsletters to the media or maybe video newsletters or both, press releases and keeping up to date our website, twitter, Facebook and youtube outlets. We will also try to become a disc golf charity to donate money to tournaments and EDGE/education programs that benefits the children of Colorado.

The first order of business is to form a board of directors that have the time and the love of the sport to help us become a better organization. Our goal is to have representatives from all parts of the state comprise our board. If you are interested in volunteering or joining our board, feel free to email us at Look for an organizational meeting notice soon.